About Us

My interest in training started with my first Doberman. Owning a Doberman was and remains a serious responsibility to me. They are my largest pleasure in life, next to my two-legged family.

I started training as a hobby and competing in various sports in 1995. That was a wonderful time in my life - finding what I truly loved to do.  After several years, I decided to work with the public and opened AK9 in 2001.


My goal every day is to make a positive effect in people's lives. It's rewarding to share my training skills with others. Improving the relationship between an owner and his pet is huge. If you have ever truly loved an animal, then you understand.

If you’re looking to do some dog training, give me a call today!

Boarding Services Hours:

Mon - Fri: 8am-11am & 5pm-7pm

Sat: 8am-11am only

Sun: 5pm-7pm only

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