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Our Training Center is committed to providing services for all your canine's life stages. 


We believe the easiest way to raise a good canine citizen is to start early.  Puppy Kindergarten class is geared towards establishing good puppy habits from the start. One of the most important skills our graduates learn is how to communicate through focus and obedience.


Our teenage and adult canines come with different challenges than what we see with puppies. We provide basic obedience and group classes to proof current skills, build house manners, dissolve environment stresses, and solve problem areas of all dogs. We teach your dog that obedience is fun! Our group class has a goal of each participant becoming a Canine Good Citizen (CGC).


There is always more than one way to train our dogs or to correct problems. The correct method is the one that works best for you and your dog. We are all different, and one particular method won't always work for everyone. Keep in mind that nobody knows your dog better than you. Our best advice is to try and keep one step ahead of your dog in order to correct bad behaviors right away, before they develop into habits.  


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Home Visits


Home Visits are necessary in some situations. At Home a dog is at his strongest

$100/ 1st hour

$75/Additional hours


Problem Solving

Problem solving is one of the most important services we provide here at AK9.  We provide group and private consultation, depending on the behavioral issues.  We can also do private consultation in your home. Common problems include aggression, barking, children & dogs, coprophagia (stool eating), deafness/blindness, destructive chewing & digging, dominance/leadership, jumping, more than one pet, loud noises/thunder, nail trimming, pulling on lead, separation anxiety, shyness, and submissive urination.

Our Feature Tip
Barking at the Wrong Time:

Barking comes natural to most breeds. Even extreme barking in certain situations. We should pick and choose the exact times we wish to correct our dogs barking. For instance, we may not wish to correct our dogs for barking at strange sounds in the night or strangers approaching us in our vehicles. On the other hand, we probably don't want our dogs barking at everyone they see either, so...

Let's see if we can teach Fido what the word "quiet" means. When Fido starts barking (start this exercise with a easier situation and increase the difficulty) repeat the word "quiet" in a deep, calm voice. When Fido is quiet for even a couple of seconds... reward him "good quiet," and maybe a treat. Repeat this exercise accepting a longer quiet time as he learns the whole idea. The way he sees it is his being quiet makes you, his master, happy. He gets pets and maybe a treat too! Teaching with motivation might be the best way to teach this lesson. Being quiet when asked should become more fun and rewarding with success. Then before long, he will be listening more, which is where all good obedience comes from: "attention."